Launch Space Development Innovations while Improving Quality of Life on Earth

Our mission is to empower people to unite around Space exploration and make ideas come to life. Our 360° degree ecosystem satisfies the specialized needs of the Space and Aerospace industry startup ecosystems, and provides the essential technology, tools, and network to succeed.

  • Orbitmuse Habitat provides a place for you to build your program and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.
  • Orbitmuse Boost helps you finance your project's initial steps.
  • Orbitmuse Masters provides you with the education programs and events to succeed.

The global Space industry is forecast to grow from $350 billion in 2017 to $1.1 trillion by 2040. Orbitmuse aims to put Space in the hands of present entrepreneurs and visionaries in order to revolutionize the Space industry, so we, together, can reach beyond our planet and dreams.

Our Team

Orbitmuse is built by a group of industry veterans and entrepreneurs, and has considerable experience in technology startups, aerospace & defense, Space operations, launch, engineering, Space data center management, policy, and diplomacy. We have interfaced with international, government, industry, and NGO entities. Our founders were inspired to create Orbitmuse based on their own experiences taking ideas from concept to orbit. The Orbitmuse platform helps startups connect and empower inventors, scientists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, researchers - and other game-changers - to take big dreams to Space.



Dan Lopez

CEO, Founder

Dan Lopez is an innovative entrepreneur and architect who has advised a wide variety of web-centric businesses and brands by lending his creative, strategic, and technological vision. With leadership and technology experience that spans two decades, Mr. Lopez is founder and CEO of Orbitmuse. He is a seasoned startup and open source veteran, with domain expertise in Federal, Defense and Intelligence, big data, and consumer web. Having recently has served as CTO of Radiant Earth Foundation, VP of Technology, Platform, and Analytics at UrtheCast, Director of Technology at premiere digital agencies in the heart of Silicon Valley, Web Architect at the Linux Foundation, and advisor and mentor to NewSpace startups, he has built bleeding edge consumer-facing technology, applications, and media experiences from the International Space Station to Times Square. Mr. Lopez leverages his engineering expertise, and a focus on open source, digital consumer products, and cloud technologies, to harness imagination and entrepreneurial spirit.


Brad Wahrlich


Brad Wahrlich's well rounded career provides Orbitmuse Inc. with the essential and practical operational foundation for the robust facets of the enterprise. An attorney by training, Mr. Wahrlich has represented businesses, financial institutions, technology companies, and individuals in matters ranging from licensing and securities to premises liability and real-estate. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Wahrlich's professional career was launched in technology sector performing customer support and account management services for enterprise data storage and security which was pivotal in developing his customer oriented philosophy that ensures satisfaction by Orbitmuse platform and ecosystem users. Mr. Wahrlich leverages the tools he has learned from his legal, business and technology experiences and education to inform the development of Orbitmuse and its robust network of strategies and product offerings.


Fred Baker

GM, Europe

A 27+ year veteran of the international Space sector, Frederic’s proven leadership and strategic vision has consistently supported society’s evolution toward a greater Space economy for the improvement of life of Earth. His successful international business, program achievements and executive leadership have actively contributed to Earth’s LEO economy, market growth and scientific advancements. Frederic has, throughout his career, actively trained astronauts and executed human-rated mission team leadership responsibilities (Space Shuttle STS-55, STS-65 and STS-78) and supported, managed, and led the development and design of some of the world’s most ambitious Space programs and systems supporting the benefit of life on Earth (European Robotic Arm; Ikonos, SPOT and IRS remote sensing satellite ground stations; Space Based Space Surveillance/SBSS spacecraft and payloads, Ozone Monitoring and Profiler Suite/OMPS payload, Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment/GRACE spacecraft and payloads, James Webb Space Telescope/JWST mission-critical cryogenic radiators and Suomi-NPP spacecraft).




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