Orbitmuse for Business

Complete Solution for Space Entreprenuership

The unifying funding, learning, accelerator, and coworking ecosystem for Space development.


Our bold mission is to create investment opportunities and innovation acceleration in Space Development & Exploration, while creating value and increasing quality of life on earth.


Orbitmuse is a 360° Industry solution that democratizes the funding, acceleration, and maturation of space programs, and creates global supply chain transaction efficiencies.

Global Ecosystem

A vibrant and growing community leverage the technology to achieve space exploration experiments, programs, training, logistics and supply chain efficiencies.


At its core, Orbitmuse provides a platform for crowdfunding, training and certification, coworking, and distributed ledger of transactions using web and blockchain technologies.

Helping Space Entrepreneurs Globally

$6.25 Billion market

  • Democratize and commoditize the raising of money for Space exploration science and entrepreneurship projects
  • Support entrepreneurs through scalable funding models
  • Grow the ecosystem horizontally and vertically with coworking, training, and access to capital
  • Incubate promising startups through a global OrbitMasters Accelerator program

Start Up Smarter

Accelerate your startup with Orbitmuse for Business solutions

Our simple, powerful business solutions increase your business chances of success and productivity, while letting you focus on what matters most — Space.

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"Most banks and Venture Capital firms want to see existing capital or revenue streams before providing financing. Orbitmuse is helping us get that initial financial bump we need to demonstrate our business potential."

Morgan Irons - Deep Space Ecology

Chief Science Officer
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