FAARM Lab on the ISS, Phase 1-1

To advance the science and technology of growing food in space to support human settlement, Deep Space Ecology LLC (DSE) has planned a series of agricultural studies that have never been done on the International Space Station (ISS). This requires the development of a self-contained growing system that can maintain the ecological conditions necessary for healthy plant life. Toward this end, DSE has formed a world-class Technical Advisory Board and key relationships at Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment (Duke), Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Space Technology and Advanced Research Systems, Inc. (STaARS); Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, LLC (Alpha Space), and The Martian Garden. The entire effort requires substantial funding. Success will be assured by private sources of funding in addition to grants we are pursuing and a planned Earth product line.

The Orbitmuse campaigns are to fund Phase 1 of the market plan of Deep Space Ecology. Phase 1 includes the first of a series of experiments to be performed on the ISS, the development of version 1 of our Functional Astro Agronomic Research Modular Lab (FAARM Lab), and the development of our FARM Lab Earth-market model. FAARM Lab will be designed to support our research objectives. A number of units will be constructed in order to conduct various phases of the experiments at Duke, within the ISS through STaARS, and mounted in the Materials International Space Station (ISS) Experiment (MISSE) Flight Facility of the ISS through Alpha Space.

Though relatively simple in design, the FAARM Lab unit is made up of mostly new equipment that has never been used on the ISS. Therefore, it will require costly qualification tests for safety and reliability. In order to commence work immeditaely, we are breaking up Phase 1 into five sub-phases.
  • Phase 1-1 - FAARM Lab Conceptual Design (TRL 2) - $2500
  • Phase1-2 - FAARM Lab Proof-of-Concept Unit (TRL 3) - $2500
  • Phase1-3 - FARM Lab Development and Market Launch - $5000
  • Phase1-4 - FAARM Lab Detail Design, Manufacturing,and Unit Testing (TRL 8) - $40,000
  • Phase1-5 - ISS Experiment (TRL 9) - $200,000
This first campaign is to cover Phase 1-1. The goal ius have the first $2500 raised in a week. Once we have raised the first $2500, we will launch the campaign for Phase 1-2.
#Update Meet Rachel, a Mechanical Engineering Intern working on the Deep Space Ecology FAARM Lab. Your contribution to our campaign goes directly to Worcester Polytechnic Institute to pay for her senior capstone project! Support women in engineering and women in space by contributing to our campaign.

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