Deep Space Cubesat Kit

Outside the Earth's magnetosphere, the radiation environment is much more intense than in Earth orbit. Incorporating radiation shielding into a CubeSat kit will allow deep-space missions to remain in space longer, and will increase the chances of a successful mission. It may also allow our customers to use commercial chips that provide functionality not currently available in rad-hardened chips. SpaceBooster LLC has licensed 5 patents from NASA in support of this project. These licenses were granted under the NASA Startup program, which provides a free, three-year evaluation license. SpaceBooster must develop a prototype before this three-year period is over, so that it can begin to sell the kit commercially and (hopefully) to NASA. NASA now has at least 10 interplanetary CubeSat projects in process. This crowdfunding campaign will provide the funds to pay for the materials and parts necessary to assemble a prototype CubeSat kit.

This project's anticipated near-term revenue from CubeSat sales will also support SpaceBooster's long-term projects: a patented modular space structure suitable for the Moon or Mars, with capabilities uniquely suited to space mining and maintenance of mining equipment and rovers; and (2) a patent-pending, human-crewed Interplanetary Spacecraft that utilizes expandable modules, and extraterrestrial materials for radiation shielding. The modular space structure is designed to be buried under regolith for radiation protection, so all of SpaceBooster's products feature radiation shielding.
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