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"Become a Space Scientist with our Space Research Data" -(Backers' Offer)

ResearchSat is developing affordable satellites & platforms for biological experiments in space for microbiology research. This research has potential applications in aerospace medicine, bio-mining, and biofuels that need to be explored.

ResearchSat like to offer our space backers, an opportunity to publish research papers with exclusive(first hand) data on SPACE MICROBIOLOGY from our satellites.

With the successful testing of heavy class Falcon Rockets, capable of carrying the weight of cars and double-decker buses, words like affordable space exploration, Moon & Mars Settlement, cities floating in space are no longer instances from science fiction movies. This is why we at ResearchSat, have dedicated ourselves to space microbiology research, to make humans safer in space and protect from unknown space mutations in the human body's bacteria.

"ResearchSat is our Contribution to make Humans Interplanetary Species"

Titanium Box

ResearchSat's satellite platforms will be affordable, viable and simple to operate (in real time) “Lab in a Box”, to make space research more affordable and accessible to researchers.Physical Dimensions are 10x10x2 cm for one module capable of two experiments. We are planning to stack 4 modules, creating 1U payload. Currently, we tested for the 4-5g acceleration loads with random frequency vibrations with and without microbes. The weight of the module is around 0.2-0.25 kg.
Our progress so far:
  • Developed self-sustainable boxes which are capable of performing biochemical, microbiological & chemical experiments in space autonomously.
  • Designed “microfluidics” for primary bacterial growth & antibiotic experiments for our first mission.
  • Miniature spectrophotometer & microscope with remote control systems developed
Our platforms will allow for biological research in space, with potential applications in aerospace medicine, bio-mining, and biofuels. It was found from previous missions, that bacteria have been shown to grow better, stronger, faster and be more dangerous and mutate quicker in the space environment. We like to explore those characteristics of microbes in space.

These missions help:
  • To predict the mutational changes in the bacteria and so to develop new antibiotics,
  • To measure the production rates of mutated bacteria, which may result in increased production of biofuels
  • To test the mutated bacteria for mining minerals and test the production rates
Our overall mission is to develop applications that aid in human's deep space exploration.

Why are we raising the fund?

For our first mission, we are sending bacterial into space for growth curve experiment, antibiotic experiments. We are planning to grow and mutate bacteria in space and bring back the sample for distribution.

Currently, we finished necessary ground tests on the bacteria, microfluidic chip and the box (for viability), where achieved fruitful results on our current design. We are currently working on optimization & version -2 design.

We scheduled suborbital launches (for g-load & zero gravity test) in Aug & Sept of 2018.
In this respect, we are in need of (at least) $75,000 to build our final product to test.

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