Aeronautical Flying Vehicle w/ Sensory Tech

We live in a world where the next age of Space exploration is upon us, and innovation in materials, batteries, and electronics has made electric flying vehicles a viable alternative for transportation. I am working to bring to life an initial design I had started in 2013 of an aeronautical flying car. If successful in fundraising or garnishing enough resources and support to move forward, I plan on competing in a HeroX competition sponsored by Boeing as well as utilize other opportunities to try bringing the vehicle to market. We are at the point where we believe that having a vehicle such as the one we are proposing can make traffic conjudgetion less, as well as bring us a step further towards more efficient and advanced propulsion technologies. I do share a common vision that is shared among Astrophysicists, Computer Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, and others that inhabiting other planets will one day become possible, and that technologies developed for this type of vehicle may help in Humanity's quest to explore the Solar system and beyond!

We plan on utilizing the funds to:
  1. Develop our design documentation, CAD
  2. Complete MatLab and Simulink simulations and modeling
  3. Developa minitature scaleddesign of our proposed prototype model
  4. Mesh simulations & wind tunneling simulations
  5. Buildthe frame of our full size model
  6. Create a product requirements plan for minimal viable product (MVP) design manufacturing using 3D printing and off the shelf components

Currently I am a researcher, and hope to use this campaign to gain fundraising and use the capital to build and MVP. I hope to provide consistant updates on progress for the backers of the project. We hope to work with many of our donors in the future, and thank everyone who believes in the vision of this project.
#Update Our campaign is live now. Seeing backers would be nice, however we want to pursue our technologies whether the campaign is successful or not. Funding has been extremely tight this past few years for research initiatives. What we are trying to build though, has the potential to greatly disrupt the aerospace industry.

Andrew Kamal

Created Oct 23, 2017 Lexington, KY

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