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Getting to Space is hard.
Financing Space Projects should not be.

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When people join forces around a common goal, dreams can be realized. We did this when ROSCOSMOS first went to space, then the NASA Apollo and Shuttle manned missions, and now routine missions to the International Space Station. Many of our common struggles and quality of life have benefited from Space missions. Finding funding for Space programs has revealed a fundamental flaw in the system: access to funds has been controlled by a select few, mostly government. OrbitMuse aims to put Space in the hands of present entrepreneurs and visionaries of future generations, in order to revolutionize the funding of Space projects, so we can reach beyond our planet.

The global Space industry is forecast to grow from $390 billion in 2013 to $635 billion by 2030.

We are democratizing the way Space projects and programs get funded and realized across the globe. We have a simple mission: to empower everyone to change the world, by getting lifted up amongst the stars, one funded idea at a time. We provide the tools to help campaigns — large and mainstream, or small and personal — boost the awareness and funds to get to launch phase.



"One of the biggest obstacles, if not the main one, for the development of a true space faring society is the funding needed for doing actual things that work in space, due to lack of interest from investors or even lack of knowledge of the real opportunities in Space technology development that can be turned into advances for industrial and commercial ventures. Orbitmuse endeavor to remove this key obstacle for the bulk of the independent people working in the space sector, not only governments, is worthy of praise and active, factual support, because if it is successful the world as we know it will change, for good."

Cdr. Ronnie Nader - EXA Cosmonaut

Space Operations Division Director - EXA
IAA Academician CM
IAF GRULAC Vice President

"The key obstacle for the development of a true space faring society isn't ambition, creativity, or innovation, but simply funding, and early stage funding at that. There are some amazing ideas being developed right now that just need initial support from the investment community in order to literally get off the ground. Orbitmuse is seeking to remove the disconnect that exists between investors and entrepreneurs, and in doing so, add support to the sector as a whole and help facilitate the kickstart that it certainly needs."

Scott Larson

Helios Wire

"The concept to expand crowdfunding to Space follows the natural democratization of technology that has already occurred. More and more organizations and small companies and startups are entering Space due to much lower cost tech. This expansion is opening up markets that have not existed...power, depots, lunar bases, asteroid mining… Crowdfunding is not just a way to expand resources for space to this new commercial ecosystem, but inspire millions to change science fiction to science fact!"

Dave Barnhart


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Orbitmuse is a way for people all over the world to join forces to make ideas happen. Contributors and project backers have empowered inventors, scientists, visionaries, researchers — and other game-changers — to take big dreams to Space.